Fall Home School

Fall 2019 Home School Labs


The Exploreum Science Center Homeschool Labs will meet every Tuesday morning in September.  The fall semester is themed around an in depth science concept for each class level.  

Our Homeschool Labs are designed to supplement what children are learning at home.  Students can use equipment and take part in experiments that are not easily executed in the home classroom.  

The deadline for September lab registration is Tuesday, August 28th.

Lab Sessions Tuesdays



 PreK - K  Chemistry

Lab #1  September 3      Colorful Chemistry     

Lab #2  September 10    Hot and Cold

Lab #3  September 17    Chemical Changes     

Lab #4  September 24    Crafty Chemistry       


1st - 2nd Grade  Entomology

Lab #1  September 3      Diggers         

Lab #2  September 10    Crawlers    

Lab #3  September 17    Swimmers      

Lab #4  September 24    Flyers   


3rd - 5th Grade  Chemistry

Lab #1  September 3      Bright Chemistry

Lab #2  September 10    Practical Polymers    

Lab #3  September 17    Temperature Exchange    

Lab #4  September 24    Investigate pH


6th - 8th Grade  Forensic Science 

Lab #1  September 3      Dermatoglyphics and Trace Evidence Psychology         

Lab #2  September 10    Forensic DNA Analysis

Lab #3  September 17    Handwriting Analysis and Forensic Psychology      

Lab #4  September 24    Forensic Anthropology 


9th - 12th Grade  Robotics

Lab #1  September 3      Physics of Robotics 

Lab #2  September 10    The Body - Mechanical Engineering  

Lab #3  September 17    The Nervous System - Electrical Engineering

Lab #4  September 24    The Brain - Computer Science